Product Conclave: Early Customer Development for a Web/Mobile Startup

How do you do customer development for a web/mobile startup?

According to Steve Blank :

“Customer Development” is the four-step process to organize the search for a repeatable and scalable model. It is executed by customer development team.

Customer development team replaces traditional sales, marketing and business development in the discovery and validation steps of startups. The team is responsible for validating the business model hypotheses in front of customers. The team must have at least one founder with the authority to change the company’s strategy.

This session is meant for startups.

In this session we will discuss:

  • How each one of us does customer development.
  • What is our concept of MVP,
  • Customer development value path,
  • Business model canvas,
  • Iterations,
  • Hypotheses
  • Pivots

It is a free-wheeling discussion with people sharing their experiences and/or asking questions. It is entirely driven by audience with moderators just making sure that every one has a chance to contribute. Likely to be a small, cozy group. If you like this session, please vote for this idea in Google Moderator.

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