Product Conclave: Test Your Pitch – An interactive Game

Test Your Pitch is one of the ideas proposed for the unconference style sessions (aka unsessions) driven by participants. Here is how it works.

Every one wants to know how their pitch works. So we want to see whether we can provide you a platform to test your pitch in small groups. Here are some thoughts.
  1. We get a room full of people and give them a template for a small (10 sec) pitch
  2. We divide them into small groups (about 5 each)
  3. You try your pitch within your group (every group works in parallel)
  4. After all the pitches in your group are completed (each group member writes down what they remember about the other 4 pitches) and one suggestion to improve the pitch.
  5. You get to revise the pitch based on the feedback and if we have time (depends on number of participants), you will pitch to the whole group
  6. We will gather all the pitches from you.
  7. We will blog it for all the attendees to see
What do you get out of this?
  1. You listen to a few pitches from your peers and learn from it
  2. You get to pitch to a small friendly group. You will  know how well it works and get suggestions.
  3. You get to carry it in your conference badge (if you like)
 Do you like this idea? Would you like to participate?
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