Knowing vs Trying to Know

I was at a meeting yesterday. The discussion centered around helping entrepreneurs. There were several good ideas that came up. It is amazing to see the differences of perceptions between several participants. Some are prescriptive and some are very sure that if you do X certainly you will get result Y. Some of them are very sure even though it seems dead wrong like funding will fix all problems with entrepreneurship. I was also part of the problem, carried away by my own strong biases and opinions. Before I ever went into the meeting, I even wrote my own list of suggestions 🙂

When I started thinking about the meeting later, I wondered whether we were better off just gathering a list of questions? Or use a tool like List of 100 to make a list of challenges facing entrepreneur development.

Should we frame the problems like entrepreneurship development,  that we don’t know much about, differently? Should we focus on discussing what we are trying to know instead of what we know?

Any opinions?