Seven Ways to Encourage Entrepreneurship

How do you encourage Entrepreneurship? Here are some thoughts.

  1. Educate people on the benefits of being an entrepreneur –
  2. Demystify risks involved in starting and running companies –
  3. Publish Research on entrepreneurship – independent paths of growth – one through job, one through entrepreneurship –
  4. Clearly identify who it is not for
  5. Identify patterns of success and failure and make that information easily available – Top 10 Success or Failure Characteristics of Young Entrepreneurs 
  6. Identify skills required for being an entrepreneur and provide a set of free or ondemand courses. For example, we need to teach different models of entrepreneurship, how to get started, how to validate a product idea, how to take a product/service and convert it to a business etc.  But instead of putting entrepreneurs through a series of courses, make them available and let them learn based on demand.
  7.  Build  networked improvement community for helping entrepreneurship (interconnect various existing communities and stakeholders in a network). A networked improvement community is a community of communities with a focus on helping entrepreneurs.  You can read more about Networked Improvement Communities aka NICs, here.
  8. Clint was kind enough to point out one of the things I missed. Organize a Startup Weekend. I would like to expand it to several types of startup events (probably worth another post) that include meetups, Lightning talks, hackathons, product building exercises and some other events where Hackers and Designers meet.
It is important not to hype entrepreneurship too much. It may not be for every one. There must be several other ways. Any suggestions?
As Clint

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