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We have been experimenting with some ideas at in50hrs and 32hourstartup and here is the latest incarnation of one of those ideas – Sponsored Projects.

Why Sponsored Projects?

Sponsored Projects allow you to work with developers in the region to get concept prototypes built over a weekend. From the developer’s point of view, they get to work with companies and gain experience.

Why Should Companies Be Interested?

There are a few good reasons.

  1. Many of us have ideas but never get the time to work on prototyping them. This is a chance to try out a few of those ideas over a weekend.
  2. We may not have the time or the required knowledge of technology to build concept/functional prototypes. We can get help from the developers in the community.
  3. You time box your effort. The entire effort takes a little bit more time than a weekend.
  4. The process of working through a prototype implementation refines your idea further.
  5. By participating, you help and encourage students and budding entrepreneurs in your community.

How Does It Work?

Do you want to sponsor a project at in50hrs? This is how it works.

  1. Create a project entry (one for each project) consisting of project name, brief description, required skills.
  2. In50hrs hosts this list and requests developers to register expression of interest.
  3. Registered developers sign up for one or two projects to show that they are interested.
  4. You contact developers who show interest in their projects and short list a few.
  5. You will pay the  registration fees for the selected developer(s).
  6. You create a  pitch, specifications (including UI), define milestones and mentor  developers at the event.
  7. You will help present the prototype at the final demo event

Why Should Developers Be Interested?

If you are a developer, there are several reasons to look at sponsored projects.

  1. You will get a project mentor who will be involved in the project.
  2. You will get to choose from a few ideas, before the event.
  3. You will have some one to brainstorm with about specs, milestones, design, features.
  4. It is  great learning experience (especially if you are a student).
  5. There will be some one to review your work and make useful suggestions and provide feedback.

How Do Students Register?

  1. Go to the in50hrs website and click on the sponsored projects link (it is not there yet, but will be put up by 1st Nov).
  2. Choose one or two projects and apply by filling a form.
  3. If you are accepted, the company will contact you through email.
  4. Register for the event and show up on 4th evening to start working on the project.

If you are interested in being a sponsor or working on a sponsored project, leave a comment here with your questions. We will put up some forms for sign up at in50hrs site by 1st Nov 2011.

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