Ideas for In50Hrs

In50hrs is more than just executing an idea. It is about learning, bonding with fellow developers and entrepreneurs, sharing experiences and having fun together.

If you are coming with your own ideas, great. If not, we can help. Here are some broad categories (they are orthogonal. For example you can mash up a couple of these categories to come up with something cool).

  1. Browser extensions – They can be developed easily and can be very powerful. Specifically the ones that analyze text provide some cool visualizations etc. You need to know javascript reasonably well though.
  2. AIML projects – Artificial Intelligence Markup Language is a language for storing knowledge. These knowledge bases can be typically used by chat bots to interact with people. Some simple ideas include building interactive tutors or question answering systems.
  3. Twitter Applications – There are so many already but you can make a lot more. There are some exciting ones to build. Examples include interest graphs and finding experts in a specific area.
  4. Natural Language Apps – Using natural language tool kits available in various languages, you can build some fun applications.
  5. Interactive mind map generators – There are techniques for building mind maps without actually drawing them. Curious? Let us talk.
  6. Build a mini browser. Yes that is right. You can build a simple browser in a high level language for special applications. A great learning experience.
  7. Cool Tools. I have kept this category vague. The reason is simple. What is cool for me may not be cool for you. So let us figure out what excites you and come up with a few tools you and others can use.

You really don’t have to worry that you don’t have an idea. Do you know a little programming and willing to learn and work? There is plenty to do. There will be lots of people with many ideas and problems looking for solutions. Show up at in50hrs and you will understand what I mean.