Entrepreneurs Are Inspiring

Yesterday we had a small event organized by TiE Chennai Startup SIG (special interest group). About 50 us had several discussions in an un-conference mode. Topics varied from customer identification and development to challenges in growing companies.

There was one session where people were pitching their products. People listening to pitches filled out a form with questions about what they understood about theĀ  product, customers, market and value proposition. The goal of the pitch review session was to help entrepreneurs improve their pitch.

We had a panel of three women entrepreneurs who did an amazing job of sharing what they went through in their entrepreneurial journeys. Over 50 people listened with rapt attention, engaged and enthusiastic.

I walked away from the event with one dominant thought in my mind – Entrepreneurs are inspiring. I love being in their company.

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Are Inspiring

  1. Very True. The event was excellent in many ways. I enjoyed the Panel discussion, Pitch review and Corridor conversations and learned a lot about the importance of effective communication when addressing the group of people from diverse industry background esp an event like this where you don’t really know how much time you have to share your viewpoint.

    f possible, please try to arrange these kind of events once in three months if not every month, so that the energy levels could be sustained and the participants can seamlessly refine themselves.

    I am happy to volunteer in organising events like this. Thanks for you & your team for conceptualising, executing and continuously refining the format of the event.

    1. Siva,
      Thanks. We will try to see whether we can make a quarterly event out of this and take the Pitch Review and make it more frequent. Actually we do a variation called lightning talks but do not give the speakers structured feedback.

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