An Ontology for Innovation

An Innovation Improves:

  • The Quality of a “thing”
  • The Efficiency of a “thing”
  • The Value of a “thing”
  • The Effectiveness of a “thing”

An Innovation has:

  • A benefit
  • Fulfills a need
  • Solves a problem

And to this may I add that an Innovation is

  • The implementation of one or more ideas
  • May have a business benefit
  • May have a social benefit
  • May have the effect to disrupt an existing process or product or service
  • May render some jobs homeless and give birth to new jobs
  • May require new skills

Someone created an ontology as a starting point so that we can discuss about the “thing” (which currently seems points to some resource in dbpedia).

And here is a copy of the overview

Here is a link to the Ontology of Innovation (a bit geeky).