Python/Django Links – June 22, 2011


  1. FriendFeed Lives On (In Spirit): Tornado 2.0 Released FriendFeed Lives On (In Spirit): Tornado 2.0 Released When Facebook acquired FriendFeed in September 2009, my heart sank a bit. I was happy for those guys, but I knew FriendFeed would never be the same despite the talk of FriendFeed staying alive. Now, nearly two years later, it’s clear that …
  2. django-model-blocks 0.8.1 django-model-blocks 0.8.1 Simple filters and tags for generic Django model template partials
  3. asv_txt dev-20110621-01 asv_txt dev-20110621-01 This module helps you for attaching text fields to any django models through ContentType. In this fields You may use Creole wiki markup and some additional macroses, as <>
  4. django-couch-utils 1.1.13  django-couch-utils 1.1.13 Handy tools and helpers for django projects, powered by CouchDB
  5. heywatch 1.0.1 A python wrapper around the HeyWatch API
  6. py2pack 0.3.20 Generate distribution packages from Python packages on PyPI
  7. ete2a1 ete2a1rev381 A python Environment for Tree Exploration
  8. django-mobile 0.2.1 Detect mobile browsers and serve different template flavours to them.
  9. aino-utkik 0.7.2 Small, clean code with a lazy view dispatcher and class based views for Django.
  10. traits 4.0.0 Explicitly typed attributes for Python
  11. etsdevtools 4.0.0 Tools to support Python development
  12. twobitreader 1.03 A fast python class for reading 2-bit files (used by UCSC genome browser)
  13. aspen 0.10.14 aspen 0.10.14 Aspen is a Python web framework. Simplates are the main attraction.
  14. django-model-filters 0.8.0 django-model-filters 0.8.0 Simple filters for generic object template blocks
  15. datatree 0.1.8 datatree 0.1.8 DSL for creating structured documents in python.
  16. Planet Eclipse: Alex Blewitt: Git Tip of the Week: EGit Planet Eclipse: Alex Blewitt: Git Tip of the Week: EGit This week’s Git Tip of the Week is about using Eclipse with EGit. You can subscribe to the feed if you want to receive new installments automatically. (E)Git at Eclipse – a history This post is about using EGit in …
  17. smartmin 0.0.2 Scaffolding system for Django object management.
  18. Shed Skin 0.8 An Optimizing (restricted) Python-to-C++ Compiler
  19. gdspy 0.2.8 A Python GDSII exporter
  20. ServoCenter-3.1 1.0.0 ServoCenter-3.1 is a python module for interacting with the ServoCenter 3.1 USB controller board by Yost Engineering, Inc.
  21. django-inplaceedit 0.66 Django application that allows you to inline edition of some data from the database
  22. pyramid_formalchemy 0.4 FormAlchemy plugins and helpers for Pyramid
  23. jsonpickle 0.4.0 Python library for serializing any arbitrary object graph into JSON
  24. indextank 1.0.5 IndexTank API Client for Python
  25. pysignalsex 0.1.2 Signal dispatcher for Python, extracted from the Django framework. Extended to support a ‘capture all’ signal named any_signal.
  26. ProDy 0.7.2 A Python Package for Protein Dynamics Analysis
  27. python-novaclient 2.5.5 Client library for OpenStack Nova API
  28. pyDoubles 1.0 pyDoubles is a test doubles framework for the Python platform. Test doubles frameworks are also called mocking or isolation frameworks. pyDoubles can be used as a testing tool or as a Test Driven Development tool.