Seven Pleasant Surprises from 32hourstartup

Here are some very pleasant surprises from 32hourstartup experience.

  1. How many people actually turned up and pitched (with  less than two weeks notice)
  2. How many projects were presented (about 14)
  3. How much of time people spent helping others (instead of just working on their own projects)
  4. How powerful some of the tools are – OrangeScape’s Cloud App Builder (Mani did an awesome job and so did another team that never saw this product before the event). Krishna’s Facebook AppBuilder helped create three products and one was built in 20 minutes.
  5. How many  Social Innovation Apps were taken up.
  6. I thought only coders would turn up. I was pleasantly surprised to see business ideas, some Arduino hacking.
  7. How much learning there was – for all of us. I learned more about people I know and lot about people I have never met before this event.

When asked,  “How frequently should we do it?”, pat came the reply “as soon as we get enough sleep and ready to go again”.  That sums up the spirit.

The SSN campus  the location of 32hourstartup was really cool and very spacious. Surrounded by green grass and  lots of trees was ideal for  ideating and innovating.


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    1. No idea. But watch chennaigeeks forum on Google groups and nerd dinner page on Facebook where the first hints of such events are likely to surface.

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