LinkLog: How to Evaluate and Implement Startup Ideas

The best way to prioritise the questions is by uncertainty. An initial order for these three questions might then be:

  1. Can I make money from it?
  2. Can I get people to know about it?
  3. Can I build it?

A good read. I especially like the way it starts with a specific order of questions and reorders the questions based on uncertainty. I guess the order depends on who you are. If the startup has a marketing background the ordering may be different.

3 thoughts on “LinkLog: How to Evaluate and Implement Startup Ideas

    1. Rams,

      Why are we doing this – gives us a better way to look deeper into our motivation, which in turn may help us know how we will handle difficulties.
      Who is really going to benefit – is a great question for the process of validation. Answers to these questions will provide us groups of potential customers.
      Why Us – may give us clues to how to differentiate ourselves from others

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