Organizational Intelligence? (Updated Oct 2013)

Every organization needs to keep track of information about a set of  entities. For a business, these may be customers, partners or competitors.  It may also be items related to the marketplace, industry sector(s) and related industries. Here is a simple mind map of a few things I can think about. This is just a starting point. (if you need a copy of this mindmap in pdf format you can get it here).

Do you have a strategy to gather information and use it? How do you do it today?

Update 5th Aug 2013

I found a formal Ontology Specification for Organization and Registered Organization (attempts at standardizing organization meta data). Here is a picture from the Organization Ontology.

org ontology


Updated (Oct 2013)

A schema for an Organization is available here. If you are an Ontologist, modeler or software developer, you may also be interested in a more generic discussion of the data model.

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  1. This is well thought out. There is probably a life cycle element or morphology that you can include to adjust for the age/maturity of the business. Spotting startups and early stage firms is different from looking for new products or other indicia from an established firm.

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