Potential Disruptions Are Easier To Spot Today?

I was reading this fascinating post on Why do we miss disruptive innovations?

… experts can’t be relied upon to pick the significance of breakthrough ideas and technologies. We become experts through extensive training in how to see the world in a particular way.

A consequence of this is that real breakthroughs are often unheralded because they don’t conform to the ways that experts think they should work.

Let us say you come up with a potential disruption? How do you spread the idea? Before the widespread use of internet, it used to be through columnists. During 90s, I met a lot of columnists in the tech industry. I can hardly recall three of them getting the core of  some of our ideas. I consider ourselves lucky to stumble upon some of them.

Think about Twitter. How many people really got it, at first? Or Facebook or even Google Search’s true potential? Hopefully those days are past. I think it is easier today to spread the knowledge of potential disruptions. Do you agree? If you do why do you think it is? If not, why not?