Twifficiency and Business Model for Twitter Apps?

Here is a Twitter app I came across recently – Twifficiency. I tried it and here is what I got. Pretty neat.

I was happy with my score and even read the little blurb.  Then I suddenly noticed a Google Ad on top right. That is kind of cool. So is this one way to make money out of Twitter apps? Worth trying, I thought. And then, of course, I had to share it with all of you to see what you think. Have you seen other business models for Twitter Apps?

6 thoughts on “Twifficiency and Business Model for Twitter Apps?

    1. @Karthick Not sure about the considerable part, yet. A Google search shows 20,200 results and a Twitter search – a bit disturbing saying that it is a scam.

  1. Application is simple and neat. But I wonder how Google serve ads(based on content?) in this page where there is not much content apart from score and comment about the score.


    1. @Mugil,
      Good point. I was thinking about it too. The applications I am thinking about won’t have that problem 🙂

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