Our First Twitter App – CheckPage

We launched  our first Twitter app РCheckPage. It is currently in Beta.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of several nifty tools for finding, tracking, filtering, extracting and sharing Information.

CheckPage is a Twitter based tool for tracking a web page, detecting changes and sending you a notification through. It can be used for tracking:

  1. Your partners/customers
  2. Your competitor’s
  3. Government sites fo

To track a page, say Hacker News, all you do is to Tweet:

@checkpage start http://news.ycombinator.com/

Checkpage will track this page every day and send you a notification when something changes on the page. The notification will come in the form of a reply Tweet and will contain a pointer to a changed page (in addition to the original page). When you go to the changed page, you will notice that all the new content is highlighted.

Give it a try. If you need to see other commands, they are described in this help page.  Send us suggestions, either as comments to this post or by email (specified in the help page). We have a lot of features planned, but we want to hear what you think first.

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