Harvard and Foursquare – An Innovative Use of Social Tool

It is nice to see this initiative from Harvard to embrace Foursquare, a social tool:

“Harvard is more than classrooms and buildings. It is an interconnected community of people, ideas, and experiences, and we are actively pursuing ways to enhance those connections,” said Perry Hewitt, director of digital communications and communications services for Harvard Public Affairs and Communications. “We believe that Harvard’s participation will allow our community to engage with friends, professors, and colleagues in new ways. We also hope visitors and neighbors will benefit from the platform as it grows through use.”

“Universities are places of such incredible talent and energy,” said Dennis Crowley, foursquare’s co-founder. “And that is why we’re excited about Harvard’s participation and the potential for foursquare to bring people together.”

I hope this serves as inspiration to many other educational institutions to explore interesting ways of engaging students.

Posted via email from Dorai’s Tech Log