Program For The Future – InfoStream

Program for the Future was fun. We set up an InfoStream, thanks to Yahoo Pipes and my hard working colleague, in a few hours. We combined, filtered feeds from Twitter,, Flickr and YouTube. I know it can be improved. If you have any suggestions, please free to post a comment.We also set up a Social Network on Ning (public), and a group on Facebook.

You can see the feed in action here.

You can get the feed source here.

We are tracking the conversation after the event. Hopefully there will be a lot more in blogs (the Twitter traffic being real time may die down).

This was a good exercise. Even though I have been playing around Yahoo pipes a bit, this is the first time we did some thing useful with it.

If you need help in setting up similar feeds for other events, let us know. We can send you more info (or write a blog about it).