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Conference on Information Credibility

Just a few days ago, I was asking my Twitter friends about the challenges they face with managing information. One of the problems that came up was about the credibility of information. As we depend more and more on information distributed over the web, authenticity and credibility become more and more important.I was glad to find that there is an entire conferencedevoted to topics on Information Credibility.

  • Information credibility evaluation and its applications
  • Web content analysis for credibility evaluation
  • Author’s intent detection
  • Content quality and credibility in Web archiving
  • Credibility of Web search results
  • Search models for trustworthy content on the Web
  • Conflicting opinion detection
  • News credibility
  • Multimedia content credibility
  • Credibility evaluation of user-generated content (ex. Wikipedia, Q&A)
  • Information credibility evaluation in social networks
  • Analysis of information dissemination on the Web
  • Spatial and temporal aspects in information credibility on the Web
  • Information credibility theory and fundamentals
  • Estimation of information age, provenance and validity
  • Estimation of author fs and publisher fs reputation
  • Sociological and psychological aspects of information credibility estimation
  • Users study for information credibility evaluation
  • Persuasive technologies
  • Information credibility in online advertising
  • Web spam detection
  • Data consistency and provenance
  • Processing uncertain data and information
  • Modeling trust on the Web
  • Credible interaction on the Web
  • Credibility and trust in e-commerce