LinkLog: Home Video Conference

From Cisco Announces Video Conference for Home

The gradual emergence of Internet-enabled TVs, wider broadband availability and multimedia PCs has corporate tongues wagging. An estimated 45 million TVs will be Net-enabled by 2014, says ABI Research. By 2010, there will be 32 million U.S. households with the necessary broadband connection to support a high-quality home telepresence communication experience, according to IDC.

This is exciting. Here are some uses I can see:

  1. Parents talking to their children away from home (we use skype now)
  2. Grand parents staying in touch with grand-children
  3. Tuition – one on one without the student needing to move around (has the additional benefit of locking up the TV). 
  4. Webcasting applications

Even though you can do many of these currently with an internet connection skype/oovoo etc., the convenience factor provided by TV to TV video conferencing are far superior.

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