Visualizing User Categories

This is how I did in a few steps:

1. Extracted the titles from the list of registered users’ profiles

2. Edited the titles to remove certain keywords (for example  Director, Manager, VP)

3. Copied the text and pasted it in Wordle tool using the Create option

4. Randomized the display till I found the one I am happy with

5. Used Snag it to capture the tag cloud and save it as an image

It is kind of cool. I plan to use it in the new version of iMorph website.  Here are a few more things I would have loved to have:

1. I had counts of titles (a weight) but there is no way to pass wordle the info

2. I would have liked each word to be a hyperlink (to the list of titles).

I am exploring a few more tag cloud generation tools and see whether we can mashup some data with the clouds.

Why I did this:

I was doing this as a marketing exercise to try and find “the ideal user”. When you build generic tools like InfoMinder, you tend to have a wide variety of users. But it is interesting to find these patterns from your user base which provides a sense of direction for product enhancements as well as new products. But most of all, it provides clues on who are your potential channel partners. Typically they are the same ones who sell to your users.

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