The Physical World Is Becoming a Type of Information System

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From McKinsey’s Internet of Things and the Future of Manufacturing In what’s called the Internet of Things,1 the physical world is becoming a type of information system—through sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects and linked through wired and wireless networks via the Internet Protocol. In manufacturing, the potential for cyber-physical systems to improve productivity […]

IOT: Odroid, Electromagnetic Harvester, Runkeeper, HealthyCircles, Nike FuelBand, Fitbit

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  The ODROID-U2: Smallest, ultra-compact 1.7GHz Quad Core development board ODROID-U2 on the left… Hardkernel’s corporate card on the right? (via Hardkernel) Hardkernel Co, the open-source hardware company from Korea, has achieved quite a bit of success over the years with the release of several of the world’s first Android, ARM-powered development boards. Their latest […]

Internet of Things

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About 3 or 4 years ago, I cam across an Intel presentation on the web,  which predicted the spread of internet of things. Today,  I came across a fascinating  document that describes an European Initiative for Internet of Things. One major next step in this development is to progressively evolve from a network of interconnected […]