Topics That Keep You Up All Night

Some of the most memorable events in life all have one thing in common – Topics that keep you up all night.

  • Discussing books and various other incidents with family till wee hours into dawn
  • New Year eve celebrations that go into early morning where you sit with a bunch of friends and never notice the passage of time
  • Design discussions that go on for days and take over everything in life. The normal daily routines are not even noticed when you are engrossed in something deep, interacting with your close friends and finishing each others’ sentences.
  • Coding till dawn and not even noticing it. Suddenly looking up and seeing the faint rays of Sun and saying to yourself  “holy s**t, it is already morning”.

I think this is flow in some form. In each one of these events (and more), the time and other aspects of your life seem to vanish into a blur leaving you with a sense of immense satisfaction and a welcome fatigue afterwards.


Inspired by this post

Mike Fletcher: Debating ’til Dawn: Topics to Keep You Up All Night