NASSCOM Product Conclave – Best and Worst


  1. The audience (their enthusiasm, energy and participation)
  2. The conversations in the hallways
  3. The team that put together the whole event (the vision, the untiring efforts and the ever smiling faces)
  4. Some of the outstanding speakers and panelists
  5. The balance of content and conversations
  6. Social media support and the idea of posting all videos online
  7. Everything @guykawasaki, Ashish and @naeem


  1. Panel moderators who talk too much and take over the audience question time
  2. The so 1.0 style of the conference – no unconference track (unsessions are not unconference), no lightening talks
  3. No structured ways for audience to interact  – No BOFs

Some Suggestions for future conferences (none except 2 are new ideas)

1. A parallel un-conference track in the after-noons

2. A tag cloud of what audience want (people simply tweet @iwant-at-npc a-list-of-topics) to harness the collective intelligence of the crowd.

3. Some kind of BOFs


Add your own in comments or just tweet them.

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