Learning: A Few Quotes

I was listening to an  Interview with Jerry Michalski on OEB News portal.  Jerry thinks that there are some chances for innovation in  business models in  Learning. Here are some quotes from the interview:

We are going to relearn how to learn.

Anybody can be a teacher (including students) since you learn better when you teach someone.

Tuittering (he probably said Twittering but I thought this word may be more fun to use), shepherding, mentoring and coaching instead of teaching may be huge opportunity.

Jerry convincingly talks about how our conventional concept of schools and learning is ready for a big overhaul. The most provoking statement I heard in this interview is

There is no such thing as teaching

You cannot really teach people. They have to learn. Shifting the emphasis from teaching to learning is good. It makes you, the learner in charge of how you learn. Listen to the podcast inteview. It is less than 15 minutes.

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