Reflections: How Much Knowledge Do You Need?

I was listening to the Tech Nation Podcast where Moira interviews Chris Mooney, the author of  Unscientific America. The book deals with a fascinating topic – How Science illiteracy threatens our future.

In the interview they discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Minimalist Science
  • What the average citizen needs to know
  • Impact of Science on Economy
  • Factual Knowledge

Chris mentions that if you are in the “know”, you are in a privileged position. This goes beyond Science Literacy into Information Literacy. So let us ask the question differently. What is the minimal knowledge you need ? And how do you plan to acquire it?

Thanks to the internet you have lots of choices. The problem, however, is too many choices. Where do you start? How do you proceed? What exactly do we mean by Information literacy? What is it to a common man? To a Professional? To a Business?