Consult or Contract? Notes from John Carter’s Podcast

A couple of days ago, I heard John Carter’s Fire Your Boss and Start Consulting. I loved his simple style and great insights about the consulting business. A few jots from the podcast.

  • HappinessĀ  is the difference between perception and reality (I guess in consulting, but may apply to life as well)
  • Give you prospect all the information you can. They can never digest all of it ( I think he used the word absorb instead of digest)
  • Marketing to Sales is like Research to Development
  • Find the Zeitgeist (Spirit of the times) and choose that area for consulting
  • Difference between a consultant and a contractor
  • How to compute your consulting fee
  • How much time does a consultant spend on marketing
  • Hourly rates or Fixed Project based rates?

Please feel free to add your take on consulting as well in the comments section here.