TopicMinder: A Custom RSS Feed Generator

What is TopicMinder?

Topic Minder is a service for keeping track of various topics on the web. Every day the service scours thousands of web feeds, gathers information, indexes the content and makes it available to you as custom alerts. Topic Minder is:

  1. More powerful and customizable than Google, Yahoo Alerts
  2. More powerful than any RSS Reader (using custom filters with powerful queries)
  3. As easy to use as a search engine (actually easier with pre-defined topics)

With Topic Minder, you choose from a variety of pre-defined topics or define your own custom searches. As we gather information that matches your interests, we will compile them into one simple list of links, remove duplicates and send you an email a day.

It is in limited beta now. If you are interested in signing up, send me an email at dorait (at) imorph(dot)com with subject “topicminder beta”.

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