Convert any Web Page to an RSS Feed

Found this, through a post in Robert Scoble’s blog. Feed43 scrapes web pages and generates RSS feeds. Feed43 seems to have disappeared. So I updated this entry to remove Feed43 info and substitute it with DapperFox.

DapperFox is a Firefox extention that sits next to the RSS icon in your browser.
Whenever you visit a website DapperFox will show you RSS feeds that other people have created, as well as allow you to create a new feed to share with the community. This is perfect when a site does not have its own RSS feed, or when its feed doesn’t meet your needs.

This is great. This will make more information available through RSS. About a year ago, we released a version of InfoMinder generate RSS feeds from web page changes.

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11 thoughts on “Convert any Web Page to an RSS Feed

  1. I updated the post since there seem to be others still accessing it. I added DapperFox, a firefox extension. It works.

    There are some features I would like to see. They probably exist already. I will explore a bit and post.

  2. how can i convert a website where the posts are password proteted to RSS. Note that I have the legal permission and of course the password.

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