Technology Trends

I gave a talk on Technology Trends and Gleaning Opportunities at TiE Chennai today. It was gratifying to hang out with the participants and swap stories. I just uploaded a copy of the presentation (in PDF format). Here is the link –  technology-trends-jun2008

I also uploaded a copy on slide-share. Here is the link to the presentation.

I would love to hear from you. I am going to keep updating this presentation and incorporate suggestions. I am also planning to spend some time expand my list as well as tools for tracking trends.

4 thoughts on “Technology Trends

  1. Dorai, Thanks for the interesting session at TiE. Am just adding a few more sources here. We use these sources to prepare a quarterly ecosystem analysis for our clients

    – Company conference calls ( for near / mid-term trends ) to mine trends in startups in semiconductor / telecom. They have extensive database of startup fundings

    Hope this of use.

  2. Karthik,
    Thanks for attending and double thanks for the links. I am planning to create a portal/wiki to track trends (with more details) and will certainly add these resources there.


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