JAXX – A Java Framework for XML

From Ethan Nicolas post:

JAXX is an open-source XML User Interface framework for Java. JAXX enables you to write simple XML files describing components and their interactions, and then compile those XML files into ordinary Java classes.

Update: 29th Jan 08

If you want to track this effort, you can follow JAXX Wiki

5 thoughts on “JAXX – A Java Framework for XML

  1. Matt,
    Thanks. I went there. It is pretty cool. With Sun jumping in recently, with the Google toolkit, looks as if this approach is gaining some traction.

  2. Hi !

    I am a beginner in JAXX but since it sounds interesting for me I have started to
    check out the website to start learn more of how to get started with the language and use it to develop my own applications written in JAXX.

    I just would like to know wheter there is some link where for you for instance can read
    about how to write these kinds of applications into for example IDE:s like Eclipse since, since I am using Eclipse I would like to know if there is a way to integrate it
    into the environment maybe with some help of plugins or something?

    Any help would be highly appreciated!

    1. Erfan,
      That blog was written over 4 years ago. I am not even sure how current the information is. That site seems to have gone out of business. So my suggestion is to google for “java xml frameworks” and start afresh. I don’t work on Java so have not kept current.


      1. Hi !

        Yes I am aware of that….but I could find some tutorial describing how to set the environment up in NetBeans so
        there should probable exist some archive where it describes
        how to set the plugins, etc, in the Eclipse IDE as well….

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