List of my (most read) blogs in 2007

It is interesting to look at the Top-20 (most read) entries in your blog and try to figure out who your readers are. Here is my list. Guess most of my readers are into technology. A few topics on innovation and intelligence seem to grab some attention too.

  1. Why I Love Python
  2. Treating Code as an Essay
  3. Intelligence is…
  4. The Definition of Work
  5. Programming Language Trends
  6. About
  7. Web Data Mining for Stock Analysis
  8. Google Calendar Firefox Extension
  9. Google Spreadsheet – Am I Missing Something?
  10. Programming Language Trends – July 2007
  11. Solr – Open Source Enterprise Search Ser
  12. Thirteen Dwarfs – Computational Kernels
  13. Web 2.0 Space – The New Idea Incubator
  14. Implementing an Innovation Process
  15. Using Wiki as a Store for Mail, Chats an
  16. Does IQ Correlate with Income Quotient?
  17. Convert any Web Page to an RSS Feed
  18. Fluid Intelligence
  19. How Do You Choose a Blog Title?
  20. CQ + PQ > IQ