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Some of the Most Influential Bloggers

Interesting List from Digg. A few of my favorites are there. But the bulk of them, I never heard about. Time to update my knowledge about bloggers.

This is a test post from Digg. I was trying to use Digg to digg a story and blog about it.

digg story

2 thoughts on “Some of the Most Influential Bloggers

  1. Scott,
    Thanks for sharing that. This was an experimental post. One of my friends had a problem posting to his blog from Digg so I tried it. I had to pick one post that day, and found this to be the most interesting one to try out.

    There are several A-lists out there and I have mine. You are right about the context. From my interest point of view may be 10 of them are good and I may add a few more.

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