Changing Economics Of Knowledge

From McKinsey Trends to Watch in 2006. Yes -2006 and not 2007 yet. They all still apply for 2007 as well.

New models of knowledge production, access, distribution, and ownership are emerging. We are seeing the rise of open-source approaches to knowledge development as communities, not individuals, become responsible for innovations. Knowledge production itself is growing: worldwide patent applications, for example, rose from 1990 to 2004 at a rate of 20 percent annually. Companies will need to learn how to leverage this new knowledge universe—or risk drowning in a flood of too much information.

One thought on “Changing Economics Of Knowledge

  1. All those trends seem to point to an economic system in great flux. Working in an office job as I do, there’s nothing “safe” at all,

    Regards knowledge, this is a fascinating area. The whole notion of copyright (the right to print a copy) grew out of the printing press in the Elizabethan era. Some countries like Russia didn’t acknowledge copyright until the early 1900’s. And along with copyright came intellectual property …

    And so these notions grew out of a new media – that of print and books.

    We don’t live in that limited world anymore. Digital changes everything. These notions need to be revisited, and groups like the Creative Commons are trying to claw things back.

    great stuff you’ve got going here Dorai

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