Working on Open Ended Tasks

I am pretty bad at working on open ended tasks. The net result is that I keep putting them off. Some of them disappear altogether and others get done when I can’t delay them any further. I never heard about Time Boxing before. So when I saw a reference, I decided to find out what it is about. Here is some good advice on how you can use Time Boxing to get things done. Here is Dave Cheong on why Time Boxing is special.

I believe time boxing is special for four reasons. Firstly, by consciously being aware of time, it allows us to focus on doing the things that matter most. Secondly, it serves as a reality check on how much time we spend working on open ended tasks. Thirdly, because of the fixed time constraints, it can be an effective tool against procrastination. Finally, it allows us to work on things during the free gaps we have between our commitments and appointments.

The post is a must read for procrastinators like me or perfectionists, who keep tweaking things till they are just right.

3 thoughts on “Working on Open Ended Tasks

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to drop in to say thanks for the link. I hope you’ve found my article useful for your own battle against procrastination and the challenges associated with working on open ended tasks.

    Keep up the good work. And all the best.


  2. Dave,
    I really enjoyed your article. My background is somewhat similar – from a programmer to an entrepreneur. So I find a lot of useful information and advice in your blogs. I also posted a link to it in a forum where my friends congregate and it drew some good responses as well.

    Bloggers like you add tremendous value to blogosphere. Thank you for the comment. I will be tracking your blog and may post a few links in my own.

    All the best.

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