Jobs In Information

From FreePint Newsletter:

Jinfo :: Jobs in Information

  • Junior Marketing Business Analyst
  • Market Data Analyst
  • Assistant Records Manager
  • Assistant Archivist (Under Review)
  • Corporate Finance Researchers
  • Assistant Information Officer
  • Health Information Scientist
  • Assistant Records Manager

I was a bit curious about some of these jobs, so I looked up one of them – The Assistant Information Officer. One of the descriptions from here. The responsibilities are:

Performs the less difficult professional and technical activities

I wonder what that really means. When I Google it, I find mostly government and DOD (department of defence) jobs.

2 thoughts on “Jobs In Information

  1. I would love a job in information management. Or even database management. One of my biggest regrets is not taking SQL to a higher level and becomeing a real DB2 guru. Now all these systems (like WordPress) rely on them as their backend. Where all the gory fiddly stuff happens. Sigh.


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