Some of the Best Minds in the Tech Industry

In our little database tools company, we did not do much PR. I used to go out and meet a few columnists, make some passionate presentations and hope that they believe in what we were doing and spread the word. We were not just looking for writeups. As a young company we were also looking for validation of our ideas.
One of them was Jon Udell, who used to work for Byte Magazine. I still remember our first meeting at the Byte office. Since then I met Jon several times and always enjoyed the conversations. He recently moved to Microsoft recently.

The other was Peter Coffee. I always enjoyed his columns in PC Week and later in eWeek. I met Peter in San Francisco airport (in some lounge) for an hour in mid 90s. I still remember how pleasantly surprised I was about the depth of his technical knowledge. When you deal with people like Jon and Peter, you develop a lot of respect for tech journalists. Today I read in Larry’s blog (I just rediscovered Larry after a long gap) that Peter moved to as Director of Platform research.

What makes these people move to vendors? I hope I can meet them some day and ask them in person.

Good luck to both – some of the best minds in the tech industry.

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