Blogs As Teachers

My family says that the words “blogs” and “blogging” have become part of my vocabulary. Most of my spare time I am either reading blogs or thinking about them in some way. Once in a while, I write them. Either way, I am always learning.

Learning from Others
Small doses of learning is one of the most effective ways for me to absorb and retain information. For me, reading blogs is one of the best ways of learning. It is because, most of the blogs, when they teach you something, provide a context. The context establishes an association in my mind that is stronger than just reading facts.

Learning by Sharing
When you try to write a blog post, you tend to think a bit about the topic. This happens even when my blogging is reactive (a post based on another blog post). I read a blog. I think the information is worth propagating. So I write about it. In this process, something else happens. I end up adding a couple of my own thoughts about the topic, when I write.

To me, teaching is one of the most effective ways of learning. When you blog, you are processing what you have learnt and passing it along. I always gain something in the process.