A Programmer’s Search Engine from Google

Just saw this on Digg.dot.us. A search engine for locating code from Google. I tried a simple search to locate all python files that use xmlrpclib. I used the Advanced Search feature. Here are the screen shots.

It is pretty simple. Specify the programming language, a pattern you are searching for and a regular expression for file names.


This is pretty cool. I will play around with this a bit. Here is my wishlist for additional features:

It will be cool to have the following:

  1. This as a feature of my desktop search (really, really useful)
  2. An API to do this and pass it directories/urls to search in
  3. Ability to write handlers to pull from CVS, SVN (this will be useful for the enterprises)
  4. Return the results in an RSS format so that it can be loaded in directories
  5. An API for the results so that we can build tools (dependency graphs and such)

Here is more information from Google Blog.

One thought on “A Programmer’s Search Engine from Google

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