Advice To Programmers

This is actually a post by Joel on advice to Computer Science College Students. But I did not read this when I was going to college. I think if you are a programmer and have not done some of these things, it is not too late to start.

  1. Learn a low level language like C
  2. Learn to write and communicate well
  3. Learn a bit of Economics (especially Micro-economics)
  4. Take programming-intensive courses
  5. Learning Computer Science is not the same as learning Software Development (there are no good courses in Software Development)
  6. There is an incredible shortage for really good programmers (no matter where you are)
  7. Programming is incredibly good training for all kinds of fabulously interesting jobs

I think this is great advice for students and any programmers (beginning or experienced). Follow this and you will have many of the skills to start your own software company someday.