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Government is one of the big users of XML. In fact, a site devoted to XML in Government has useful information on the adoption of XML in government, communities of practice and lessons learned.

Another effort, from NY State is to use XML for managing the content of websites.

XML is generally understood to be a technology that supports effective data exchange between applications. However, XML has another value that is much less exploited or understood – it offers a viable long-term solution to many of the shortcomings of HTML because it structures and describes Web content in a meaningful way.

Yesterday, the Center for Technology in Government (CTG) announced the release of the first version of its online XML Toolkit at www.thexmltoolkit.org. The Toolkit is a product of the Center's XML Testbed, which served to assist New York State agencies in examining the benefits as well as the challenges of Web site management using the emerging technology of XML.

About the Testbed

The Testbed is not a technical how-to program about putting XML into operation, but a structured 18-month investigation to study best practices, work toward agency-defined practical goals, and build organizational capacity for better use of the Web.

Five New York State agencies were selected to participate in the Testbed:

  • NYS Department of Civil Service
  • NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal
  • NYS Higher Education Services Corporation
  • NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence
  • NYS Office of Cultural Education, State Education Department

A great benefit would be the availability of data in an open format for use by non governmental organizations.

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