Google Calendar Firefox Extension

In my post on Google Calendar, I was hoping for a similar facility as a browser extension.

Imagine the Calendar component in the side bar of a Firefox browser and the pattern detection capability a feature of Google Toolbar.

I was expecting to come from Google in the next version of their toolbar. And just a couple of days later, Elias Torres produced one.

The extension is very simple. It adds a new shortcut (CTRL + ; [semi-colon]) to your browser window that launches a simple text dialog. In the text box you can enter whatever you would in the Google Calendar Quick Add feature and if you hit ENTER it will create the event for you in your default calendar. Remember, you must be logged in for it to work, if not, I’ll remind you anyways. The icing on the cake, is that it will find any Google Calendar window that’s opened and reload it for you so you can see your new appointment.

Install Quick Add.