A Cohesive Vision of How Best to Build Internet-focused Desktop Applications

I just love this. After writing my previous blog based on Kurt’s article, I went around looking for tools to use XForms. I found Building The Big Picture. I immediately fell in love with this statement.

An enormous class of desktop applications being developed today make use of the internet, and therefore the best languages to use to develop those applications are those devised for the web.

To achieve this, Sidewinder brings together standard languages such as XHTML, XForms, MathML, SVG and Ajax to create a flexible application development framework. But at the same time it provides all of the functionality we’d expect from desktop applications, such as docking to a screen edge, auto-hiding, transparency and opacity.

I love when people think big and different. That is the creative inspiration I enjoy in reading the blogs and finding stuff on the web. The people behind these products are as interesting as the products and technologies.