I love this name. Whoever came up with this is a genius. Here is a brief description of the Semantic Web Brainlet

This brainlet contains information about papers, events, conferences and ideas surrounding the Semantic Web initiative. If something is missing, maybe your totally interesting paper that was however rejected, just add it and share it on the P2P. Dont forget to make sure you have properly connected it with the relevant topics, people, publications and whatever else. And dont be surprised if you’ll receive reviews and comparisons with other papers by people that were interested specifically on that topic. The identity of whoever provided the metadata (you) will always be verifiable thanks the the built in digital signature infrastructure.

Got this link from Danny’s post on PlanetRDF. Brainlets seem to be pluggable components for DBin, a project to create peer-to-peer discussion groups with a difference. Instead of interaction through messages, DBin allows you to share documents and annotate them. It uses RDF (I wonder whether it uses the Annotea) for annotations. When we built a prototype of Hyperscope, we used Annotea with Annozilla client. That was pretty cool.

DBin integrated digital identity so you will know who is annotating. I plan to check out DBin. I think we can use it on some of the projects we are working on.