Context Searching

Today I came across an announcement from DocSoft.

“Element” unleashes the power of structured data within a company’s repository. With Element as a plug-n-play addition to a company’s network, users will be able to search for stored data across the network “smarter,” thus more efficiently. Element indexes XML-originated documents according to each tag or “element,” which provides what the company calls “context searching.” Element can even search metadata embedded into virtually any file format using Adobe’s eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP).

Search based on XML data will definitely provide better results. It is nice to know that search engines are showing up to take advantage of the embedded metadata in XML documents.

Element allows the appliance to index 26 different file formats. These formats include XML, HTML, PDF, SVG, CGM, Microsoft Office products, some common audio and video files, and any file in which XMP can be used to embed metadata.

This is good news. As we get better search engines to leverage metadata, hopefully more content with embedded metadata will show up.

Other context search engines, I have come across:
Swoogle – a semantic websearch engine

Python Search – A Python programming specific search engine (searches the internet for results relevant to python programming)

Krugle – A search engine for source code and other highly relevant technical information