A Blog is a Way of Thinking

“More generally, however, a blog is a way of thinking. It’s a way of recording the argument you are having with yourself, admitting that you may be about to be wrong, and ensuring that, when you are wrong, you make your wrongness available as a public record. A blog is Socratic that way; it knows that it does not know. So we begin a blog, as we begin a show, as an act of good faith, a sign that we are working hard to get this right.” – Bill Ives.

I have not seen a better expression of what a blog is. It is a way of thinking. I like that. When I am writing a blog, I am thinking aloud. I am not sure whether anyone is reading it or not. I write because I would like to share something with the world. Some times it is a quote. Some times it is a piece of writing. Most of the time, it is an idea or perception triggered by something I have seen or read or thought about.

It is such a wonderful way of saying, “I think this is important. I would like to remember it and have others read it”.