My wishlist for Google Desktop Search

" Google Inc. today announced a beta desktop search application that enables users to search their email, files, web history, and chats. Called Google Desktop Search, this new application makes it possible for users to find information on their computers as fast and easily as they can search the web with Google. "

It is so easy to use. It is kind of cool since you can use it to search both local information on your PC and web. I have been using another desktop search engine called X1. Google has several neat features but here are my favorites.

1. You can use filetype: option to search files with a specific extension. I was able to type "invoices filetype:doc" and was able to locate all the invoices I raised to my cusotmers on my disk.

2. You can search web pages visited. This allows me to go back to a page I was browsing but forgot to bookmark, by just typing some content string.

I hope Google publishes an API so that the product can be integrated into my other desktop apps.

Here is my wishlist for Google Desktop Search:

1. Support the search API without any restrictions (can be the same as the one they have for the websearch).

This will allow several applications to be built using the search API and plug them into Office applications like Word and Outlook.

2. Support a set of saved searches and book mark them using my browser. Will be nice to have support in both in IE and Firefox since I use both.

3. Support a way to get search results as RSS feeds.