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BarCamp Bangalore 7 (BCB7)

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I was not sure what to expect. I have not been to one of these BCB events before. I attended an un-conferences in the valley (MashupCamp2). Bangalore is certainly a “happening place”. I could not attend all the sessions but the level of  both technical and social conversations amazed me. (I have some sentimental attachment […]

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Wikis and Information Intelligence

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Information Intelligence is the practice of gathering intelligence useful to an organization. It uses Open Source Intelligence to enrich an organization’s ability to gather intelligence for internal use. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is an information processing discipline that involves finding, selecting, and acquiring information from publicly available sources and analyzing it to produce actionable intelligence. […]


Making Search a Ubiquitous Infrastructure Component

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Search is currently used as a Web Application. Imagine Search being a component of a wide variety of applications. The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, plans to make that happen with Wikia. Wikia is an open source search engine that plans to release both the source code and search data to the public. “We have […]