Meeting Customers

Yesterday, I met a long time customer(using our product for over 7 years and renewing every year) in NY. It was an amazing experience. Even though, we had only about 40 minutes, we covered a lot in that time. We figured out not only how she can leverage our products more but also how we can use her services to help increase awareness of our product.   We let the conversation flow. I had only one question. I asked her to say anything that comes to her mind about our product positive or negative. I was pleasantly surprised to hear her answer.

It is the engine that runs my business.

What else can you ask for? I wonder how many of our customers, hold this view. It is something that is core to their business than something nice to have. I need to talk to many more and find out.

I don’t write much about our products or customers in this blog, but this is something I certainly wanted to share with my fellow entrepreneurs. Talk to your customers. If possible, meet them in person. Let the conversation flow and listen to their problems. It is an enriching experience.

8 thoughts on “Meeting Customers

  1. Great piece for sharing. Great inspiration. You have been a great mentor at Chennai to so many people. Distinguished Nasscom Chennai Mentoring panel ( includes you) have been often reminding the Mentee cos on this core substance.

    It is such goal which drives value generation based business and long term sustainable relationship. Revenue growth and scalability are natural outcomes.

    Thanks. I am certainly sharing this with all folks who have meet at Chennai Nasscom Mentoring.

    1. Raja,
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. As I meet more customers, I will start talking about it in more generic terms in future blog posts.

  2. Dorai,

    Great feedback from your client. Congrats.
    All the best for more business from happy customers.
    Regards Ramani

  3. Thats amazing! I can imagine how that feels when a long time customer says something really valuable like that 🙂 Btw, thanks for sharing the experience and keep that coming.

  4. Dorai, great to hear customer feedback like this. Congratulations! I am sure this will spur you to get more such customers. All the very best



    1. Thanks Chandu. It is a good start. I am not kidding myself that it will be same for all the customers. But the point in my post was that you won’t know unless you talk to a lot of them.

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