Recommended Reading Mar 24, 2012

The Intersection Event Is Where Innovation And Social Change Meet

That philosophy is this: Some of the greatest inventions the world has seen were developed incrementally as one person built on another’s ideas, sometimes transcending decades or even centuries between them. What makes for a real innovation is that someone takes a previous idea and juxtapositions it in new light, or with a new twist, or in a new context. That means finding the intersection between the original observation or thought and the new environment or situation. The most fertile areas for innovation–and the most new ideas–are likely to occur at the intersection of several great minds.

You never know where a good idea is going to come from

I’m fascinated by the different types of people I meet in the world and the way their personalities show in what they do. People with passion, energy, ideas and an unquenchable thirst for life inspire me the most. I’m fueled by their energy, fascinated by their ideas and inspired by the way they live life to its fullest.