Another “Super” Saturday with a Couple of Twists

When I like something nowadays, I keep saying “Super”. Super takes the spot along with “Awesome”, “Great” and “Cool”. I don’t know where or how I picked up this habit, but it seems to be here to stay.

There is another (slightly different) “Super” around the corner. It is TiE Chennai Super Saturday – an event I always look forward to. It is turning out to be really “Super”.

We received over 16 pitches and we are going to do about 10 of them (due to time constraints) in the morning PitchFest. We will have another session for the rest of the pitches, during the Unconference track. PitchFest is a bit unique. The Top 3 will get some cool sponsorships.

We are going to have an awesome session by Raghu Rajagopal. Raghu is a serial entrepreneur and a startup evangelist. He also runs an incubator. He runs several companies (not sure how he manages that) and interviews entrepreneurs for his column in Business Line. He is going to share with us a lot of the lessons of entrepreneurship – his own and the ones from the entrepreneurs he talks to. I am really looking forward to that session.

We also have one of the best minds of marketing teaching us Marketing 101. When I heard J K Iyer (popularly known among us as JK), I was simply blown away. He was a professor then.He is with Consim, now ( His style of teaching is unique, informal and very conversational. I look forward to meeting him and eager to hear his views now that he is part of the industry.

We have an unconference session in the after-noon. I love this session because we hear the voice of the audience – YOU. These sessions are always full of surprises and lots of learning.

If you have not registered, please do so immediately. Look forward to seeing you there on Saturday (2nd).

TiE Chennai Startup Super Saturday on March 2nd at IITM Research Park, Taramani.


TiE Chennai Super Saturday Mar 2013

This event is something you cannot afford to miss. There are several reasons:

A few companies from Chennai – OrangeScape, FreshDesk etc. benefitted from Sramana’s 1M/1M program. The advice and the PR they received from her were very valuable.

We thought that we should make it available for a few entrepreneurs in Chennai. So we went ahead and did two things.

  1. Requested Sramana to give a discount on her premium membership and she was kind enough to agree.
  2. We also found a few sponsors to pay 50% of the remaining amount for the top 3 companies who are selected during Pitchfest on March 2nd.

In addition, we are assembling a good team to share some marketing and sales ideas for growth. We do have the unconference sessions that all of us enjoy so much. You can find more details and a registration link here. Registration deadline for pitches is Feb 25.

Heard at TiE Chennai Unconference Panel Discussions

At the panel on Scaling Businesses at TiE Chennai Unconference on Sep 18th.

The Panel

The panel consisted of  three charter members of TiE and two eminent people one from Thoughtworks and one from a Govt body.

  • Chandu Nair – ScopeKnowledge
  • J. Krishnan – Founder Unimity (popularly known as JK)
  • Sudeep Jain (IAS and chairman of MSME Institute, a government body),
  • Ketan –  ThoughtWorks, and
  • Raghu Rajgopal – Energeate (a serial entrepreneur and helps Chennai Fund).
  • Companies some times need to shed skin like a snake, Chandu Nair
  • Your first venture should not be capital intensive – some good advice from Sudeep
  • Scaling has been through customer reference as we had no marketing dollars – JK
  • Repeatability is very important. Can you repeat quality, delivery etc? – Raghu
  • You need to look at a model of non-linear growth – a way of building partnerships and ecosystem to grow – Ketan
  • You can grow not only by acquiring more customers but providing higher value to existing customers. Engage deeply, look at their business problems and see where you can help – Chandu Nair
  • Don’t build your business with VCs in mind – JK
  • Partners – Comfort must exist even before you start. You need to evaluate partners not only on their value system but also on their ambition levels to find a match- Raghu
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship is at a very nascent stage in India – Sudeep
  • Assess your readiness to scale. You can’t do that by just hiring a bunch of people – Raghu